Fast Life versus Naturopathy

One of the causes of female womb diseases is the crazy pace that most women try to keep. Today's women are forced to work overtime or two jobs, manage a family and a household, and keep up with their husbands. That’s why there are so many women with endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, and other problems.

Maybe that statement even resonated with you and there was just a faint voice inside saying “Yeah, I guess so, but how the hell am I supposed to do that?”

If you’re attracted to Naturopathy, you’re on the right track. On the path from trusting only doctors and their universal claims to trusting your inner world, trusting yourself, trusting nature and human connection to its forces.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural way, a way inspired by nature. It's the help we all have literally at our fingertips.


Herbs are probably the first thing that comes to your mind — just like they did for me at the beginning of my journey to a healthy womb. Herbs are free in nature and you can use them to replace most drugs and medications. Read more about how to prevent endometriosis with food supplements and herbs in my last article.


Food, not “fast food” food, but meals cooked with love from simple ingredients without semi-finished products, is surely healing. There is a growing awareness of what we can eat wild in nature, including herbs. Learn more about the right diet for you in my article 8 Diet Tips to Help Fight Endometriosis.

Taking care of your body

Speaking of chemicals and other toxic substances: do you know how much they permeate our daily lives, from the bathroom to the laundry room to the wardrobe? Yet life without chemicals is so much easier and cheaper. It gives us back the ability to feel through our noses and skin what makes us feel good and what doesn’t. And it’s environmentally friendly as well.

We have forgotten natural body care, various baths, and massages, or reflexology by walking barefoot. Read more tips on how to take the right care of yourself in my article Endometriosis — psychosomatics, hygiene, and the female womb.


Take care of your womb during your menstrual cycle, as well as perceive your sexuality and intimacy. What 60 years ago seemed to be the greatest discovery today is probably one of the major killers of fertility for women and men as well. I will be happy to expand on this topic again in another article.


I also include natural movement in the fresh air in naturopathy because every generation moves less and less. Bet on natural movement and make sure you are moving every day. Try the Five Tibetans, Mohenjoodara, and slow jogging. Make an effort to move as much as possible each day (a walk, yoga exercise, pilates, or whatever you find fun and fulfilling).


With this natural care, we express self-love, self-love, and self-esteem, which is an essential ingredient on our path to health. All psychosomatic problems are just trying to show us that we are overloading ourselves, not trusting ourselves, overloading our minds, and giving in to unnecessary fears.

Slow down to “slow life”

Promise yourself that you won’t go back to the same old frantic ruts and that you will incorporate change into your daily life. Spring, warmth, and the coming sun will give you the energy you need.




A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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Alice Hanke

Alice Hanke

A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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