How to prevent endometriosis with food supplements and herbs

In my last article, I wrote about a diet (not) suitable for women with endometriosis. Today you will learn how you can support your body in healing inflammation and detoxification.

Vitamins and food supplements

Vitamin K

When you want to treat cysts and adhesions, it is necessary to strengthen your healing ability, and for this, the iron-rich alfalfa with vitamin K will help you lovingly.

Vitamin E and Omega 3

To break down excess estrogen well, it’s a good idea to take sufficient supplements of vitamin E, which, among other things, has a beneficial effect against adhesions.

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce pain by suppressing the production of pain-inducing substances and preventing inflammation and pain in the body. According to medical studies, it also prevents endometrial cells from nesting outside the uterus and relieves menstrual pain. They can be found for example in nuts, evening primrose, or fish oil.

Support your liver

Most of us have undergone some hormonal treatment for endometriosis. That, unfortunately, goes hand in hand with reduced liver function. To strengthen your liver, I recommend taking milk thistle seed oil and sea buckthorn, which will also replenish vitamin C and boost your immunity.

Digestive tract cleaning

Flaxseed shouldn’t be missing in your kitchen as well. In addition to vitamin E, it positively affects estrogen levels and cleanses the digestive tract.

Harmonize the hormonal cycle

I’ve found that taking chaste-tree helps to balance the hormonal cycle. It also reduces the incidence of cysts, fibroids, and endometrial cysts.

Regenerate your mucus membrane

If you have endometriosis, mucosal regeneration is also very important. Therefore I recommend nettle and horsetail, drinking teas and baths.

nettle leaf
Nettle and horsetail can help you with mucosal regeneration

Support for lymphatic systems and detoxification

Warm castor oil packs or massages are very relaxing. It supports the function of the lymphatic system, immunity, detoxification of the organism, eliminates inflammation. It’s also very flourishing for women in elevating the patency of the fallopian tubes. If you have surgery scars, take extra care of your body to avoid adhesions and other complications.

Support lymphatic function, immunity, and detoxification by warm castor oil packs or massages

Support urinary tract health

The bladder and urinary tract are frequently affected, and goldenseal can help here really well.

What to stay away from

Regarding the use of herbs, I would like to point out that if you want someone to recommend you some herbs, tinctures, and tea mixtures, you should consider what experience the person has with endometriosis. Often women say that someone recommended them the Lady’s mantle or Red Clover which only made their condition worse.

Both of the herbs mentioned contain high amounts of estrogen. Lady’s mantle is a mucosal blood thinner. In other words, it’s feeding endometriosis really well.

Many aspects play a role in the right choice of herbs. The ones that should not hurt you are calendula, yarrow, evening primrose, motherwort, thyme, sage, nettle, horsetail, and dandelion.


My favorite supplements

I have found it useful to take extracts from Cat’s claw to eliminate the appearance and spread of unwanted tissues in the body, Sangre de Drago to eliminate estrogen, and Chaste-tree to boost progesterone production.

Kudzu, which supports liver function and, among other things, helps in the treatment of addictions (to sugar, gluten, lactose, alcohol, cigarettes). And thanks to its ability to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, hormones of happiness, it helps with the treatment of depression, which is often associated with endometriosis, thanks to hormonal imbalances.

Please note that Cat’s claw has abortive effects (can cause miscarriage), so I do not recommend it when trying to have a baby.

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A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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Alice Hanke

Alice Hanke

A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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