Normalization of sex toys and why you should have yours

Often, self-care and well-being are discussed (not only) on this platform and today’s topic definitely belongs to it. I want to talk about sex toys, tell you why you should have them at home, and break down this taboo a little bit.

First and foremost, I need to say that if you’re my mom or god forbid my grandma, stop reading, it’s going to be spicy today 😂🌶!

Today’s article is a bit of a step out of my comfort zone and I wonder why? It’s a perfectly normal topic, it’s just become taboo in our society for some reason. But we’re going to break it down together! Sex toys and their use need to be normalized because having them at home is the same as having a guasha or a face mask. Even though this is much more intimate, it is still part of our self care.

I wonder how you feel about this? Do you talk about it with your friends, or is it taboo for you? We talk about it with the girls and a funny thing happened recently. We found out we all have the same type of vibrator. Matching vibrators are the new friendship bracelets.

What are the advantages of using sex toys?

You’ll get to know your body

This is the most important point for me. Whether you’re single or taken, it’s important to know your body.

A lot of girls dive into their sex life without any idea what they want from a partner or what they like. This way you’ll get to try it out for yourself and, in the best case scenario, share it with your partner and maybe save yourself a lot of misunderstandings. Communication is key and believe me, your partner will be happy to know what you like and what you don’t like.
You’ll avoid situations like this too!

They can help you to orgasm

We girls just have a harder time with that. Sometimes we can’t do it, we can’t turn our heads off and all that, so why not help ourselves? Toys are simply made for this, so it’s the perfect solution. Plus, they can make sex a little more interesting.

Masturbation is healthy

  • You release serotonin and dopamine
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Calm your mind and body
  • You focus on yourself — encourage self-love
  • It’s healthy for your heart
  • Helps with back pain and headaches

Simply put, besides making you feel great, it has many other benefits for you and keeps you both mentally and physically well.

sex and city vagina

Where to buy sex toys?

There are plenty of sex shops. If you are shy to order them because your family will see it or the postman will recognize it, there is no need to worry. Sex shops have it covered and the name of the company will be completely different on the package to guarantee anonymity.




A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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Alice Hanke

Alice Hanke

A young woman who is on her way to healing herself. I mostly write about women’s health and health in general, well-being, coffee, and culture.

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